5th Grade Digital Citizenship--privacy & passwords

by TechnoQueen
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5th Grade Digital Citizenship--privacy & passwords

Safe & Secure

How do you protect your:

Bike?Pet?House or Apartment Keys?Possessions during gym?

How do you protect your:

Cell Phones?Computers/Readers?School Accounts?

Hi Gale!Why do you look so glum?

I just got a text from you, Katniss, and it said-I thought we were just good Friends?

I didn't send a text. Hmmm but Alison just borrowed my phone????

Vocabulary WordsPersonal InformationPassword ExpectationsCommunityDigital CitizenPledge

I can identify personal informationI can create Strong PasswordsI can state what private information is and how to protect our privacy


What are the expectations of that Community?

What communities do you belong to?

Digital Citizenship Survival Kit

-a group you have something in common with-something we assume will occur-anything private about yourself -a promise or an oath-a member of worldwide community liked by the internet-is a secret combination of #'s, symbols and words that are used to enter different accounts or communities


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