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We had a live video chat with 5th graders in Texas and did some cherades. The kids in Texas had to guess what activity we were doing. They got two out of four correct. They got ice fishing and skiing right but they couldn't guess maple sugaring. They almost got Mount Washington but they said Mount Everest instead! They shared Dr. Seuss books and pictures with us.

In Music we are playing Xylophones

In science we are learning about the heart. We did an at-school project on blood! Mrs. Heatherton came in and told us about her open-heart surgery.

We have continued to research colonial times. Most people in our class are doing pretty well on their projects. Make sure all projects are done by the 25th of March. Some people are doing their projects on trades, others on colonial homes, or games. Some people are in partnerships, but some people are working alone.

We recently took a teet on fractions. Now we are done switching for math for the year. The tests will come back graded as soon as possible.

In reading we are participating in book clubs. Students got to pick between certain books to read with a group. We are required to post in a Moodle forum and fill out these self-evaluation sheets after we meet.

5R Newsletter

by Mike and Cailin

Please check your Wednesday Folder this week for a letter from Mrs. Rushia about parent conferences and Sargent Camp!



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