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The Story about 5Pointz

* 1892 constructed for Neptune Meter as a factory for the construction of water meters.* 1970s property off Jerry Wolkoff, who did not have immediate plans for redevelopment.* 1990s Wolkoff was approached for permission for the factory to be used for legal graffiti work.* 1993 first established as the Phun Phactory.* 2002, Cohen gave the building the name "5 Pointz". Wanted to turn 5 Pointz building into a graffiti museum.* "5 Pointz" signifies the five boroughs coming together as one.

History Behind it

* August 21, 2013, New York City voted to approve plans to build condos on the property, but New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission rejected a landmark status nomination by artists since the art was less than 30 years old. * 2013 Wolkoff wanted to demolish 5Pointz by the end of.* October 9, New York City Council agreed to the $400 million plan to build a 1,000 unit apartment complex with 210 affordable housing units included. * Despite a lawsuit filed by 5 Pointz proprietors, rally of three days prior to gain petition signatures to protect the building from demolition, the sudden whitewashing indicated that it was already gone. * February 2014, the first step in the building demolition process started. * August 2014, 5 Pointz was nearly fully demolished.* November 19, the graffiti on the exterior of the 5 Pointz building was painted white overnight,* November 2014, most of the building was reduced to rubble while part of the building's shell still stood.


Demolition Plans


Before & After

45–46 Davis Street in Long Island City, Queens, New York City

* February 3, 2014, in protest of the building's demolition, artists sprayed "Art Murder" in blue and red letters. * November 2014, artists felt that they had been disrespected when the murals were painted over with white paint, and that they had lost a sense of community with the demolition of the building.



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