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5197dd-Eragon Series

The author of the Eragon Series is Christopher Paolini. The series is mainly about a dragon rider named Eragon and his dragon named Saphira.

The books are:

The Eragon Series

The first book : EragonThe second book : EldestThe third book : BrisingrThe fourth book: ????**I do not know the fourth book because it is not out yet.

The Main Theme of EragonEragon is about a farmboy named Eragon. He finds a dragon egg in a place called the spine. He tries to sell the egg but he couldn't. The egg hatches and out comes a dragon named Saphira.. A ''retired'' dragon rider named Brom trains Eragon to be dragon rider for about 2 weeks. Then Brom dies because he tried to protect Eragon. Eragon rescues an elf girl named Arya and they become friends. He also meets a person named Murtagh who is the son of an evil dargon rider named Morzan. All of them meet the king of the dwarves Hrothgar, the leader of the Varden Ajihad, and fight in a war againts an evil tyrant king named Galbatorix. The Varden win the battle and killed a shade named Durza. A shade is a sorccerer who turns evil.

The Main Theme of EldestEldest is still about Eragon, Saphira, and their adventures. The book is also about Eragon's cousin named Roran. Roran saves the citizens of Carvahall from being kiilled. Eragon and Saphira fly to the capital of the elves: Ellesmera. They are trained by a dragon rider named Oorumis and his dragon Glaedr. At the end Eragon and Murtagh fight. They fight because Murtagh is on Galbatorix's side. Murtagh wins the fight.

The Main Theme of BrisingrBrisingr is about Eragon and Saphira. They are the main characters in all the books. They fight in many different battles. The elves give Eragon more strenth and power. The book is also about Roran, Eragon's cousin. He fights in more battles than Eragon. Oorumis dies and Glaedr now lives in his Eldunari. An Eldunari is a dragon's heart. Eragon and Murtagh fight again and this time Eragon and Saphira win.


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