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50s Poster

Life During the 1950's

Rock-n-RollWhen Rock-n-roll emerged, the main audience was young teenagers. Older generations did not agree with the music style because it did not conform with society's standards.

CarsWith many American familys living in suburbs, public transportation was not used as often. Instead, cars were used as the primarily source of transporation; 75% of American familys owned a car. People of this era also enjoyed "taking a joy ride" as a past time. Cars were necessary during this period because it was the time of the baby boom. This was when many babies were born due to the return of soldiers from the war.

50's CroonersVic Damone was a famous crooner during this time period. A crooner was a male singer who sang softely and smoothly.

Popular Television ShowsI Love Lucy was very popular in the 50's along with Leave It to Beaver and American Bandstand. Many shows in this time period depicted the "standard family." Everyone was happy. Also, they all dressed nicely and acted extremely friendly. Some programs showed resurgence in religion by making the families attend church every week.

AdvertisementsAdvertisements were everywhere. Including magazines, newspapers, and the television. The purpose of advertisements were to promote consumerism. The ads could feature of variety of themes, including gender roles. For example, in the advertisement above the women is serving the man, making sure he is enjoying himself, this shows one gender role of women. Another common theme of advertisements were bomb shelters. Americans were encouraged to build bomb shelters because of past wars.

Fads and FashionGuys often had long sideburns and greased back hair. The wore jeans and leather jackets with their collars turned up.Girls wore poodle skirts, ponytails, pedal pushers, and scarves. Conformity in fashion was a major part of society.

1950's Slang Terms-Split- "I'm bored. Lets split"-Hot Rod (muscle car)- cars with large engines and flashy exterior-Get bent- tell someone to go away-Greaser- guy with a lot of hair product-Kook/Kookie- odd, weird, or crazyOther Terms include chicks, cats, squares, and threads

Price of Consumer GoodsThe prices of gas: 1951- $00.201953- $00.291957- $00.24Other goods:Clock radio- $59.95Ballpoint pen- $00.25Black and white TV-$249.95New car- $1,510

I Love Lucy SceneThis is the famous chocolate scene from I Love Lucy.

The Final SpeechThis marks the end of one of the two great Presidents of the 1950's, Eisenhower and Truman. Truman was most known for his civil rights movements. He was also famous for his Fair Deal programs which led to his drop of approval ratings. After Truman, Eisenhower became the next president. His main focus was big business. NASA was created during his term, this was a response to the Soveits gaining in the "Space Race."

Singing Sensation Elvis Presley

News of the 1950'sMany familys owned a television, and a new common way to hear the latest news was watching the television.



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