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5 Websites

mrgym.comMr. Gym is a man that teaches physical education. His name is Doug Gates. He has this website to help others with their p.e. classes. This website has ideas, games, and suggestions for every grade. This website does not cost anything to use and is very easy to work through. Doug also has a part in his webpage where questions can be asked and answered.

PE4LIFE.ORGPe4life is non-profit organization that helps school around the country with assisting and advocating for them. They are ran by a board of directors and the president is Jim Baugh. They have already helped over 2,855 schools since 2011 and are in 9 different countries. They are seeking everyday to help more by getting kids fit and in shape. They want every kid in America and around the world to be in their best possible shape. That sounds like a big goal but I say dream big!

PECENTRAL.ORG PECENTRAL main mission is to have a website for K-12 physical educators to visit that would provide them with information and resources to help them deliver developmentally and instructionally appropriate physical education to their students. Some ideas to include on the site were assessments, health and physical education lesson ideas, job announcements, links to the top sport and instructional sites on the Web, wellness tips, and instant activities that would change on a weekly basis. The website updates their site every week of lessons and videos for physical educators to use in their classroom and make everydat new and exciting. The website is completely free and they listed an e-mail for any questions.

PEROCKS.COMPErocks is a neat website that has helpful tips and games for any physical education teacher to use. The site is created and maintained by Chad Triolet. He has been teaching P.E. for over 15 years, so he knows what he is talking about. He teaches at Deep Creek Elementary in Chesapeake, VA. He created this website to help and inform other teachers around the U.S.

SPARKPE.ORGSpark P.E. is a non-profit organization that has trained teachers representing more than 100,000 schools across the nation. Their goal is to create and evaluate research-based programs that promote lifelong wellness. Started in 1989 by the Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health and San Diego State University, SPARK has earned numerous awards for their program. SPARK is a part of the study to ensure that students of all ages receive the support they need to advance their learning and reach their full physical fitness potential.

Physical Education

Physical Education

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5 Websites


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