5 Themes of Geography

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5 Themes of Geography

Location-where it is? Absolute Location-Exact location of a place. We use longitude and laditude to find our location a GPS, map or street address. Relative location is based on another location.Place:What is it like there?Human Environmental Interaction: H.E.I. is the relationship between people and the environment. Humans adapt to the environment by: changing in our clothes. Humans modify the environment by: cutting down trees and building buildings. Humans depend on the environment. for transportation,food and water.

5 themes of geography By: Margaret

RegionUsed by geographers to organize the world. Physical features and human features define a region.

Idea/Communication texting,calling,tweeting,facekbook, and facetime.

Human Movement-trains,cars,boats,tradingood. Formal-states and countries. Functional-cellphone tower.Vernacular-the midwest.

Movement:Links people and places together.

Geography is the study of the earth and everything on it.

Physical and Human Characteristics-Physical:Physical characteristics things made by nature examples: lakes, mountains and rivers.Human:Human characteristics things made by humans Examples: Mount Rushmore, Six Flags, and Disney Land.


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