5 themes of Geography

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5 themes of Geography

A beautiful view of the Imperial City

The 5 Themes of GeographyBy: Ben O'Sullivan

MovementIn Cyrodiil, most things travel either by foot or by the horse. If you are traveling to an island or possibly another province, you will transport materials by a boat or ship.

HEIEnvironmentThe snow affects the people of Cyrodiil because it would require them to put on warmer clothes and possiblly heavier and warmer armor.The wind could also affect the people of Cyrodiil because if they are using a bow for hunting, they would have to figure out how fast the wind is moving so they can hit their target.

Physical Characteristics-Landforms- Valleys, flat lands, and mountains.Climate/Weather- Mostly warm but slightly snowy in the north.Water Features- Always a nice dark blue color.Animal Life/Ecosystems- Horses, deer, dogs, and some mystical creatures.Vegetation/Land Cover- grass,trees, bare ground, and water.

Relative LocationCyrodiil is north of Elsweyr and northwest of Hamerfell!

Human Characteristics- Infrastructure- They have castles to protect the counts and buildings for shops. There are also some forts.Culture- They have the 9 divines that guide and protect them. They have churches so they can worship the 9 divines.Social Practices- There are many guilds in cyrodiil that you can join. They also have a gladiator arena for betting and even joining.History: The ancient Nordic people, ancestors who were in Cyrodiil long before their modern-day counterparts, came in during the First Era. Spreading south from their arctic land of Skyrim, they became slaves of the Elves, once man-elf tensions in Skyrim reached its peak. One of the most important events of Cyrodilic history is the slave rebellion of 1E 242. The men and elves had been fighting for quite a while, however this revolt, led by Alessia, handed the entire region to the insurgent humans. Tamriel’s Heart was going to belong to these former slaves, Cyrodiilics or Imperials, forever more. Imperials are basically the Nords who eventually settled in Cyrodiil.

HEIHumanPeople affect the environment by using destruction magic. For example: Using fire magic to burn trees. People could also affect the environment by letting rotted meat lay on the ground, polluting the air with its horrible smell.

RegionFormal- Cyrodiil is a formal region because it is the only province that is surrounded by 6 other provinces. It is also the only province in the center of Tamriel.Functional- All of the horse stables in the towns are formal regions because they allow you to be able to ride to any other town or location in Cyrodiil.Perceptual- Cyrodiil is nicknamed "The Empire" because it is where the Emperor of Tameriel lives, making it a perceptual region.

Absolute Location34 degrees north and 80 degrees west.


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