5 Safety Tips

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5 Safety Tips

Shoulder injuries are another big part of the football world and they are defintley one of the more painful injuries. A good way to get around these injuries is wearing the right equipment and taking the necesssary precaustions. If you are struggling with shoulder issuse a good way to compensate is to get a shoulder brace to wear while playing. Another way to fix it is to wear the right size pads so they cover the shoulder where it is most vulnerable.

I have a personal expriences with sports injuries pertaining to football and they are catastrophic. The major issues with football are concussions, knee injuries and shoulder injuries. I have experienced all the above and have though of many good ways to not relive those painful moments. With these five helpful tips you may just save yourself from a career ending injury.

Five Safety Tips For Football


Shoulder Tips

Knee Tips

Concussion Tips

Concusssions are another injury in football which are so common its quite scary. A way to prevent these injurys are a lot more simple then thought. The first thing you need to do is buy a good helmet. You cant go out there with a bucket on your head and expect to be safe!!! Another good way to prevent these injuries is practice good form. Time and time again kids are getting hurt because of no form. If you practice good form you will not get hurt!!!

First and foremost in the football injury world are knee injuries. You hear everyday when talking about football on who blew their knee out or tore their ACL or sprained MCL...It's just too much. So you take precautions. My precautions which have worked best for me is getting a set of knee braces. They are metal so they dont bend and all the professional athletes use them to prevent injury. Another way if you cant afford knee braces is to tape up your ankles to give support to your knees.


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