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Algebra I

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5-Lauren Highsmith

you can tell whether a parabola will open upwards or downwards by seeing if the a value is negative or positive

equation: y=-5 + -3x + 3x2

x: y:1 82 63 24 -45 -12

x: y:1 -52 13 134 31 5 55

A full rainbow creates a parabola with its curved shape with a maximum value

Domain: all real numbersRange: y=>-5.75

Vertex: (.5,-5.75)AOS: .5Solutions: -1.3, 1 5/3Y-Intercept: -5

You can solve the quad. equation by using the formula -b 2(a)and plug that answer into your eqution.

Vertex: (.5, 8.25)AOS: .5Solutions:-2.3,3.1

a half moon creates a parabola with a minimum value

Domain: all real numbersRange: y<8.25

You can find the vertex of a quadratic by using the -b ober 2(a) formula and plugging you x into your equation

You can find the AOS of an equation by using -b over 2(a) and the answer to that equation is your AOS

equation: y=8 + 1x + -1x2



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