5 Dutch Foods

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5 Dutch Foods


OlliebollenFor every 4 Olliebollen669 Calories --- 17.42g Fat 109.84g Carbs --- 18.53g ProteinOlliebollen are part of a Dutch New Years They are usually dipped in powdered sugar. They have raisins in them but are very very very fattening.

Drop = Black Licorice- Black Licorice is extracted from the Liquorice plantIngredients: liquorice extract, sugar, and a binder. The binder is typically starch/flour, gum arabic, or gelatinCalories, Sugar and FatA 40-gram serving contains 120 to 130 calories0-1 g of Fat per serving. This is not muchHigh in Sugar


Goudse Kaas

Goudse Kaas27 % Carbs 68 % Fats30 % ProteinRich in Vitamin B12 and RiboflavinMost famous cheese in the worldMade from Cow Milk

Rookworst2 % Carbs, 28 % Protein, 29.% FatRookworst is bad for you because it is high in saturated fat and sodium. However it is also good for you because it is high in protein and it has no cholestoral.It is usually combined with vegatables or even used in soup. It is a winter dish.


Poffertjesper poffertje0 Protein, 3g Carbs, 0.8g FatPoffertjes are small dutch pancakes. They are fattening, but contain lots of Carbs. They don't have any vitamins They are combined with powdered sugar.


5 Dutch Foods


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