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Welcome to Language Arts 3


Ms. Amanda Ellenburg

(Office) 407-434-1419 Hours: 8am-8pm(Email) aellenburg@flvs.net (IM) aellenburg@flvs.net

Click here to schedule Monthly Calls, Welcome Calls, and Oral Components:

*Remember, no appointment is ever needed, you are welcome to call anytime :)

Students shining BRIGHT!

with 3+ assignments last week

Hawood F. Colt H. Robert M.Robert G. Amber C. Shelby D.Claudio H. Jonathan R. Cameron W.Nicholas H. Matthew V. Jacob A. Ricky P.Milton M. Nittaya B. Taylor W. Dylan K.Hunter H. Hector R. Jessie F. Samantha W.Thomas P. Nicholas M. Katherine S.Miranda B. Tatiana P. Pedro N. Sylvien S.

Linda S.Grant C.Jeremy S.Cassee C.Elena W.Jake B.Sarah B.

IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!Please double check that you ALWAYS do 2 things when you submit your assignments:1. Check the "Submit for Grading" box.AND2. Click the SUBMIT button.

Check out the important links and Help Section below:



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