4th Grade Band Glogster

by AntoinetteG2
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4th Grade Band Glogster

Highlights- One highlight is the spring concert. Every year, the 4th grade has a spring concert. You are aloud to have a solo. Don't forget to dress up! When you come together to play your instruments you first sound lilke you need practice. When you practice alot you all will sound good together.

'' Don't forget to go to band every thursday morning.''

4th Grade Band

Helpful tips- Practice every day for 15-20 minutes. Make sure to start with your scales. Don't forget to get a schedule by the music room. Bring your instraments on the right day.

What you will learn in band- You will learn how to hold your instruments. You will also learn how to play notes. Count how many beats in a note. you will learn how to keep in time with the other instruments. You will learn how to play cool songs.

The band teacher is Mr. Marullo



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