4th Amendment

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Social Studies
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4th Amendment

PROS1. Protects privacy of citizens 2. Property of citizens is secure 3. Citizens can be safe from unfair or arrest that occurs without a warrant

4th Amendmentright of people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches

CONS1. It makes police activities and investigations a lot slower 2. Makes getting evidence more difficult3. Harder to investigate anything

OPINIONThis is a good amendment, because who doesn't like to have privacy? For people everyone it is a good amendment, but for the police it is bad, because it makes everything slower. -Kevin, Courtney, Paris, Taylor

CONCLUSIONOverall, this is a good amendment, but it also has a lot of bad things, because for police or any kind of authorities it hinders their ability to find information, or investigate things.


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