464D Differentiation 101

by bmize
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464D Differentiation 101

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Differentiation is necessary for good teachers today.

Teachers are special

What does the expert say?

People all over the world are interested in trying to teach today's students DIFFERENTLY. This video will help you understand that. Students are changing, the needs of our world are changing and so our SCHOOLS must change. More importantly,our teaching practices MUST change. Teachers can no longer afford to teach the way they were taught and expect all of the students to learn. Stop a moment after you watch this video to really think about how you learn best. Do you think your teachers tapped into your potential? Do you want to KNOW your students like Carol explained in the video above? Differentiation is no laughing matter. It is important, it is essential and it takes skill and practice! Good news... YOU CAN DO IT!

Differentiation ANYONE???PLEASE!!!!

Easy as ABC!



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