4.04 Sportsmanship

by shellyjoann
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4.04 Sportsmanship

4.04 Sportsmanship

One time that my temmates were being good sports was when I felt really bad and I fainted in school. At that time I was about 8 years old. The story is that we were playing outside in P.E. and we were running in a huge field, and out of nowhere I felt dizzy and I was running off to another direction and I fell to the ground. I saw blurry people around me and those were my friends circling me. They did whatever they could to take me to the other side of the school for the clinic. They stayed there till I felt better and helped me walk back to the classroom. They chose to be good sports because I had aways been nice to them and they even admitted it!

One time that my teammates were displaying bad sportsmanship was when we were playing The Deadly Ocean at school. They were fighting against each other and going there own ways. But eventually they stopped because I told them that the other teams were going to cross and win first and we could lose if we didn't make a plan TOGETHER.......

Another time my teammates were displaying good sportsmanship was when we were once playing hide and go seek outside. Another person from the other team strained her ankle and couldn't play so now the teams were uneven and somebody had to get out from our team. The girl that anybody would least expect stood up and went with the girl that sprained her ankle to make her company. That girl is the only person I know that will risk anything to play hide and go seek and she is the person that gave a wounded girl company.

Another time that somebody was displaying bad sportsmanship was when we were once jogging around a basketball court in school. The case was that this boy lost balance and fell to the ground. Everybody was laughing so hard that they had tears in there eyes, but me and my friends were mad so we helped the boy and helped him to the clinic.


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