4 thingz im gr8ful 4!

by AlexTores
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4 thingz im gr8ful 4!

I am grateful for My family ! without them I wouldn't be the person i am today! (:

4 thingz im gr8ful 4!

I am also grateful for music! i love music! music is amazing! Every piece of lyrics has a meaning !Their not just randoms words put to music!Lyrics are like storys! they tell a sotry about some one!

Im am grateful for being born under the sign if the scorpion.Most scorpio's are some what of a reble and fear nothing .That explains a little bit of me, but im only afraid of 1 thing....CLOWNS! :D i know its a stupid fear but i just am!and im proud of it!

But the main thing i am grateful for are my wonderfulfriends!i love them all to death! Even though they are all different!<3


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