4 things you cannot miss in Thailand

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4 things you cannot miss in Thailand

Elephant trekking

Waterparks are one of the things that makesThailand most famous. Shoot through long water slides, endure the splash of a ton of water, and most importantly, have fun. It does not matter whether you are having a dip in the lazy river, or sliding through a slide, because you are bound to have fun.



4 things you cannot miss:


Elephant trekking is not an activity to be missed. Trek through the jungle as you ride on these huge and friendly behemoths! Feed them bananas, and enjoy the ride!

Quad Bikes

Float through the calm blue waters as you watch schools of fish swim past you, and admire the great coral 'masterpieces'. Diving will surely broaden your horizon, and fill your mind with many images with vivid and lustrous colours.

Feel the wind on your face as you zoom through the dense jungles on a high speed Quad Bike! Tread through almost any land and zoom through water!


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