4-209 Kimberly Quinones and Marilyn Duran

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Language Arts

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4-209 Kimberly Quinones and Marilyn Duran

The Sweetest Fig is a book that teaches you a lesson to treat others the way you want to be treated. This is a funny and mystereous book because you are left wondering at the end.

The book Jumanji is a adventorous book with two kids on a adventor with this mysterous bord game.

There is this dog named Fritz who is always in every Chris Van Alsburg books. He was his brother -in -laws dog but, unfortunley he deid. So watch out for this dog in Chris Van Allsburg books.

BiogrophyChris Van Alsburg was born on June 18,1949. He grew up in Grand Rapids,Michigan. When he was a kid he loved art.He grauated school 1967.He married Lisa Morrison and has 2 kids named Sophia and Anna.His first book was The Garden Of Adul Gazazi. He always inclueds his brother in laws dog in his book named Fritz.He was awarded the Caldecott honor medal,Regina medal and World Fantasy Special.

Chris Van Alsburg

Chris Van Allsburg books make the reader left wondering at the end of his books.

The Widows Broom is a book that teaches you to be tolerent and exsept peoples differences. So you can see this is a good book because it has a good story and it gives you reason why these characters faced these problems.

Click here to watch a viedo of a another interview of Chris Van Allsburg.

Writen By:Marilyn Duranand Kimberly Quinones



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