3rd Grade Lesson Plan

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3rd Grade Lesson Plan

Science StandardsPASS Process Standards: Grade 3 Process Standard 2: Classify—Classifying establishes order. Objects, organisms, and events are classified based on similarities, differences, and interrelationships. The student will accomplish these objectives to meet this process standard. 1. Classify a set of simple objects, familiar organisms, and/or observable events by observable properties (e.g., graphic organizers, t-charts, tables, and Venn diagrams). PASS Content Standards: Grade 3 Standard 2: Characteristics and Basic Needs of Organisms and Environments—All living things have structures that enable them to function in unique and specific ways to obtain food, reproduce, and survive. The student will engage in investigations that integrate the process standards and lead to the discovery of the following objectives: 1. Plants and animals have features (i.e. breathing structures, limbs, skin covering, seed dispersal, roots, stems, and leaves) that help them live in different environments such as air, water, or land. 2. Each plant or animal has different structures that serve different functions in growth and survival (i.e. the way it moves, type of food it needs, and where it lives).


Animals live in specific habitats: Artic Tundra, Desert, Grasslands, Ocean and Rainforests.

Structural & Behavioral Adaptations

Animals Gone Wild3rd GradeBiology

Lessons Included: ClassificationTypes of Vertebrates- Mammals, Fish, Birds, Reptiles, and AmphibiansHabitatsAdaptations


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