3rd Estate

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3rd Estate

The idea of the chapter was to state the fact that the Third Estate was enough of the nation to be it's own. It contained all the essentials (Farming, Manufacturing, Selling, and the army) needed to run the estate.

By: Kyle Collins

The 3rd Estate is everything!

The Estates General was where this chapter and all the others were read, and taken seriously too. Watch the video for more info.

"What is the 3rd Estate?" Chapter 1

Chapter 1 was proving that the 3rd estate was everything needed.

Sieyes was the author of "What is the Third Estate?" and the person who started the French Revolution.

Hmm... let's revolt!


The 8 Subclasses

The idea of this?


Pg 1- The 4 essential needsPg 2- Non essential needs and the main thought

The 8 Subclasses consisted of the army, law, church, and bureaucracy, which were left to the 1st and 2nd estate. The remaining 4 subclasses were the farmers, manufacturers, shopkeepers, and then the other random people, run by the 3rd Estate.

Watch this for more information on the Estates General, where the Revoluion started.


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