3D Weaving

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NASA Contest

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3D Weaving

Jeonghyun Park: sheepgoatSeo Young Son: sarah1310

Criteria and ConstraintsSome criteria and constraints that should be considered is money, designing, and actually building the spinoff. We cannot afford a 3D printer. Also, building a really thin plastic tube will be extremely hard.

Problem StatementUsually, what comes with strength, comes with great size and heavy weight. However, that may be a disadvantage since nowadays people want small compact things that are lightweight and easy to carry. With 3D weaving, small, but strong components may be designed to people’s liking.

Mission Patch

AnswersSpinoff technology is branching off of the idea/material of a specific innovation to create a new ‘breakthrough.’3D weaving is a NASA technology that allows to people make weaves that are lightweight but strong. It weaves materials in a 3-dimensional format rather than the standard 2D.We will use 3D weaving to create small, critical components that require light-weight and strength.

Brainstorm Possible DesignsWe can use 3D weaving to make wigs, casts, phone cases, band-aids, or even fancy shoes.

Select a DesignPhone cases are a necessity to anyone who wants to keep an uncracked phone. 3D weaving would protect the phone and add some luxurious style to it. The case would fit on the the phone like a second skin and would be very light-weight. The design will be built using recycled plastic and therefore will be able to be customizable with different colors.

Plan, Build, Test, Refine, and Share the Design

Researching NASA Spinoffs

Engineering a New Innovation

DescriptionThe mission patch is NASA-based, which is why there is a rocket heading towards a star. The blue sphere is to indicate a 3D figure and the heading writes “3D Printing Technology” to represent the project name. Introduction of Team MembersJeonghyun Park is currently a freshmen attending Troy High School in California.Seo Young Son is currently a freshmen attending Troy High School in California.


Design Review


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