3D printing for Human Organs

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Human Anatomy

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3D printing for Human Organs

The Future of Medicine - Using 3D Printers to Create Human Organs


For years now, medical researchers have been able to create skin tissue and blood cells, but working organ are much more complex to create.

Organs made from a 3D printer could be used for research and drug and vaccine testing. Someday the technology could exist to create an organ that could be used for human transplant.


Of course, there are some ethical questions that come with this technology. What will happen when non-human cells are used to create organs in humans? Who will control the use of the technology? These questions will need to be answered in time.

Due to a shortage of organs, on average of 18 people die each day in the United States waiting for an organ transplant. With the technology of being able to print a viable organ from a 3D printer, these people needing transplants would not have to wait. There would be no worry about waiting for a perfect match and waiting years on a transplant list, an organ could be simply made for you using your own tissue.

"Are we playing God? In the end, saving lives trumps all objections." (cnn.com. 2014)


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