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This week I will not introduce any new skills. I will be reviewing and testing all learned skills for report cards. I apologize for not sending our sight word list out last week. It will be in your child's folder. I will not be testing those words until Wednesday.

PARTY ALERT!!Our Easter party, hat parade, and egg hunt are approaching! Your child will need the following items for our party/egg hunt/Easter hat parade:*1 decorated hat (the more creative the better)*12 plastic sealed and filled eggs (put your child's name on each egg)

EGG TIME!Please send 12 filled eggs to school by March 20th! Each egg should be sealed with taped, and have your child's name written with a sharpie. I ask that if you use candy please make sure it is wrapped. And please do not use candy that can melt (chocolate) . Suggestions for egg fillers are: erasers, pennies, stickers, and wrapped candy. However, you are not limited to those items. (:

We will be learning about weather and St. Patrick's day this week. Remember that there is no school for students this Friday!



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