30 Years War

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30 Years War

During the fight between the US government and the Sioux and Cheyenne, US Captain William J. Fetterman was sent to change shifts with other US soldiers but ran into a trap in Peno Creek, Wyoming set by Chief Red Cloud. The Captain Fetterman and his army were defeated with great casualties.

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30 Years of WarHailey Kim

The Paiute Native American tribe started the Ghost Dance, which is a traditional dance during difficult times to have new hope for the future. The dance eventually spread to other Native American tribes. The US government, however, saw this dance as a threat and sent a couple of policeman in the Lakota tribes to stop this dance. During this confrontation, a well-respected leader, Sitting Bull, was killed.

Ghost Dance War

Fetterman Massacre

Wounded Knee MassacreAt Wounded Knee, South Dakota, the US federal forces defeated the Sioux Native Americans and were forcing the Native Americans to give up their weapons and settle in reservations. While the US soldiers were gathering the weapons, a shot fired from a gun and it led to the massacre of the Sioux and many others wounded. This signified the end of all Native American resistance to the US troops.

Red Cloud’s WarMontana’s gold-ridden land prompted settlers to move to the region, where the Cheyenne, the Sioux, and the Arapaho hunted. The tribes attacked the white settlers there. The US government sent General Patrick E. Connor to protect the white settlers. The US army and the Natives headed by Chief Red Cloud fought for 2 years. It will later result in the Fetterman Massacre.

Many Native Americans were killed during the Red River War.

The Sioux were once again kicked out of their land because of the discovery of gold.

Red River War

Black Hills War

•The US government fought a series of battles with the Sioux, Comanche, Kiowa, Arapaho, and the Cheyenne to get the Native Americans to settle on the reservations in the Southern Plains. Native Americans were defeated and were forced to go to the reservations.

•This war was fought between the Sioux and the US troops in Black Hills, South Dakota. The US government once again forced the Sioux out of the land because gold was discovered there. The Sioux lost and were forced out of the land.

This picture depicts one of the scenes of Red Cloud's War

This picture shows a Native American performing the Ghost Dance

This picture shows many Native Americans being massacred at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

There was a battle between US troops and the two Native American tribes: Sioux and Cheyenne.


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