3 Types of Software

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3 Types of Software

Freeware programs are software available free of charge. For the most part, most of the very best programs you use on the Internet are completely free. Most freeware is copyrighted by the author. Examples of Freeware Software:Mozzilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Adobe

Different Types of Software

What are the 3 Types of Software?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of all the different types?

Shareware Software is software that is available free of charge and often distributed informally, but then a fee may be requested for continued use. Kind of like a 'Trial Run.' Examples of Shareware: Spotify Premium, Google Talk, Adobe PDF

Commercial Software is any software or program that is designed and developed for licensing or sale to end users or that serves a commercial purpose. Commercial software was once considered to be proprietary software.. This type includes financial, marketing and accounting software.Examples of Commercial Software:Windos Operatimg System and MS Office

Advantages Commercial: -Revenue provision -Availability of full features -ReliableDisadvantages Commercial: -You have to pay BEFORE not knowing whether or not it will work for you

Advantages Freeware:-Its completely free to you -You can use it at any timeDisadvantages Freeware:-May not be reliable

Advantages Shareware:-You can test it before you buy it to see if you truly want itDiadvantages Shareware:-There seems to be a tendancy among antispam shareware developers to sell subscriptions for 'up-dates,' which can be annoying