3 movie Glogs for Culture and Diversity

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3 movie Glogs for Culture and Diversity

Prejudice:What remarks or actions from the videos reflect prejudice?The video of Susan Boyle's first audition was the most obvious form of judging a book by it's cover and complete prejudice. She appeared frumpy and older, not as a "star singer" of today would be expected to appear. Before she began to sing the 2 males judges almost looked bother and as if they were dreading hearing her sing. As she commented she wanted to be a professional singer not only did the judges mock her, the audience even made faces of disgust. All of this changed as she began to sing. The judges and audience seemed shocked. This reaction further proves that they were not expecting her to be able to sing simply because of the way she looked. At the end of the performance the judges made comments like: "I'm reeling from shock.. Everyone was against you... The most exraordinary shock we've ever had... Everyone was laughing at you.." In the video A Class Divided the remarks and reactions that showed prejudice were discribed by the teacher. She stated that she saw her class turn into "nasty, vicious, discriminating, little third graders in a span of 15 minutes." After the children were instructed to place the collars on the other children we cruel and mean to them even though that morning before school they were friends. In the video Miniature Earth the fact that Asians outnumber Americans greatly, yet our movies, books, and televison series are almost all dominated by caucasains as the main race in the world.Lastly, in the video A Girl Like Me the girls have a preception that light skin color is beautiful. The remarks that you can't date and marry a man with dark skin because "you wouldn't want that in your gene pool" is awful. When the children were given white dolls and black doll to choose from 15 of 21 children choose the white doll. Most thought the doll was prettier and the bad doll was the dark doll. Why is important to increase awareness of existing prejudices (individual and societial)?Ignorance is our enemy. I believe that most people like myself would have never assumed that African American children are being taught to bleach their skin color and being told that light skin color is better. The experiment with the dolls is an eye opener to the true impact those teachings are having on the young children. The contest that Susan Boyle was in was a huge lesson for many bristish and american people (and anyone else that watched the show). As she continued to do well and eventually won the contest, it taught those if even for only a moment, not to judge a people by the way they look. The movie Miniature Earth can educate people just how very wealthy and blessed we are, but also how little our races are in the scheme of things. In the movie A Class Divided the class was taught in a real world way. After they experienced this discrimination first hand, at the reunion they shared that they never showed dicrimination against other people ever again. How might prejudice reduction be achieved through less coercive experiences than those depicted in A Class Divided?I believe education in the schools early as well as quick and expeditious correction anytime a child or adult is showing prejudice in a school enviroment is the best way to reduce prejudice. Academic AchievementHow are motivation to learn and academic achievement affect by one's perception of self, teacher expectations, one's sense of belonging?In the movie A Class Divided the experiment showed a serious self confidence issue when academically tested. When the children were wearing the collars they performed far more poorly than when they were not wearing them. When the children don't feel like their teacher believes they're smart, they will likely try to live up to those expectations. We see over and over again in statistics that African Americans tend to score lower on assessments. That leads us to the question, is it because the adults in their life have low expectations for them ? Children must feel important and relavant in a classroom and in life in general to perform at their very best level!SteroetypesWhat reactions or remarks from the videos reflect stereotyping?The looks the judges and audience gave when Susan Boyle stated her dream of becoming a professional singer were obvious signs of sterotyping her looks. She was not young and sexy like a star singer should be. She was dressed in a frumpy outfit and didn't seem to spend much time on primping. The steroptyping the African American girls showed were evident by skin bleaching as early as a preteen. The girls had identified beauty with light skin. The children in the classroom were sterotyping based on the instructions the teacher gave them. What ever color hair and eyes were noted as desireable they showed favortism to. How do stereotypes affect our behavior?I believe we often act with out thinking. We are creatures of habit. We are also very impressionable. If someone we look up to makes a statement and can somehow back up their statement we tend to believe it instead of investigating it further and making our own decisions. This along with the beliefs our parents and teachers push on us at an early age form our opinions. The sterotypes then form in our mind. We aren't capable at an early age to understand statements made in context. If a man is pointed out on TV as "bad." We look at him and see maybe that he has tattoos, or piercing and make the connection that all men or people with tattoos and piercing are bad. Adults need to be careful to explain why the person might be considered bad. The things they do not the way they look. How can stereotyping of groups be decreased?If every person resolved to judge each person base on character individually and be careful of their words, to not generalize in statments, we can see such changes. It has to be a decision each person resolves to make. We can change generation to generation.

A Girl Like Me.

Miniature Earth

Susan Boyle's 1st audition.

A Class Divided.


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