3 Emerging Technologies

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3 Emerging Technologies

3 Emerging Technologies

Google Glass

This is Google Glass, a new wearble technology with lots of potential. It has a heads up display, a camera, a voice control, and a touch pad on the side. It costs $1,500 and was available to some users after applying. The production of Google Glasses has been stopped so that the Glasses can be perfected, so it is not released yet. I think it is the future of technology.

3D Printers

3D printing converys an electronic file to a three deminsional product. The layers of the product are put on one layer at a time. There are many ways to print the object. The cost can vary from the hundreds to the thousands. The first prototype 3D printers were developed in the 1980s. I think this is how many projects will be done in the future in remote areas or for very specific things.

Self Driving Cars

Aphabet, Google's new advanced technology company, is the leader in self driving cars. These cars do not make mistakes like humans do, but need to be very well programmmed to know what to do in stressful circumstances. The estimated cost probably will be around $10,000 or $15,000. The cars will be released around 2020. I believe that the cars have lots of potential for safety, time management, and give disabled people many more abilities


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