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3-2-1 Framework

3-2-1 Framework "A Planning Cycle for Integrating Digital Technology into Literacy Instruction" BY CAILIN SACHER

3 Things I learned from the Article



- There is a process the article suggests you go through in selecting technology and whether or not it should be used/is appropriate to be used for the lesson.

- The most important idea the process suggests is that the technology used enhances the students' understanding and that the learning goal can be reached with the technology in place.

- Using technology in literacy instruction is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

2 Questions about the Info. Presented(Use the scroll bar to scroll)

1. In what ways can you use the same technology with students with special needs during the same instruction time as the whole class? Will these students be able to participate in such a setting or will they need more individualized help?

2. The article suggests that the use of technology benefits the different needs student posses, if this is true, how will the use of technology help our English language learners in whole class instruction? Will these students need more individualized help?

Watch this video to see how this teacher uses technology to teach "Catcher in the Rye"**Warning: SPOILER ALERT**

Watch this video to see how Social Studies is taught without the traditional textbook

Click the Play Button to find out:1 Way I Can Apply This To Teaching

Click the Play Button to:Find out why I asked these questions here!

THThe Planning Cycle "The Process"

"The use of digital tools for literacy and language arts is integrated throughout the Common Core State Standards."




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