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29 Gifts

I have a perscription for you: Give away 29 gifts in 29 days."Healing doesn't happen in a vacuum, but through our interactions with other people. By giving, you are focusing on what you have to offer others, inviting more abundance into your life. Giving of any kind is taking a positive action that begins the process of change. It will shift your energy for life."-Mbali Creazzo (from 29 Gifts)

Giving does not take talent, it takes heart. During Cami's month of giving, she realized how blessed she was compared to the people she gave to. Giving changed her selfish ways and she became an all around better person. She was very generous when she gave and especially to the homeless people she would have usually ignored.


Book Review

Name: Olivia Roberts Date: 5/14/14

Again, Cami Walker was very influential. She started off as a blogger and a designer but once her giving month took off, her blog did with it. She got 5,000 worldwide people to join and all at once, everyone was giving.


On the front cover it says "How a month of giving can change your life," and Cami Walker would be considered an author and a person people who look up to. After the success of the book why wouldn't you want to make that change just like she did? Cami Walker is influential in the best way possible.


Title: 29 GiftsAuthor: Cami WalkerPublisher: Copyright Date:

Watch Cami Walker's interview here!


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    Your addition of the video of Cami telling her story makes me want to read this book - which means you have succeeded in persuading your audience!