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Last Verse

The origin of the name "Exodus" means departure or going out.

1. The freeing of the Hebrews from slavery 2. The journey to Mount Sinai 3. God’s covenant with his people- giving moral, civil, and religious rights to live by 4. Building a place of worship for Israel and laws regarding the priests and the worship of God.

“During all their wanderings they could see the cloud of the Lord’s presence over the Tent during the day and a fire burning above it during the night.” Ex. 40:38

My Summary

Crossing the Red SeaThe Lord had told Moses to make sure that the Israelites camped in front of Pi Hahiroth (near the Red Sea). When the king was told that the people had escaped, he pursued the Israelites. The Israelites were terrified when they saw the king and his army. The Lord had told Moses to lift up his walking stick and hold it over the sea. The water would divide, and the Israelites would be able to walk through the sea on dry ground. Moses held his hand over the sea and the Lord blew a strong east wind that made the sea turn into dry land and the water divided into walls of water on both sides. The Israelites went through the Red Sea and the Egyptians pursued behind them with their chariots. The Lord threw the Egyptians into a panic and made their chariots stuck so that it was difficult to move. Moses received a message from the Lord. He held his hand over the sea and the water returned to its normal level behind the Israelites, and the Lord threw the Egyptians into the water. The Israelites successfully crossed the Red Sea and was saved from the Lord. They recognized the Lord’s great power and had faith in the Lord and in Moses.


First Verse

3 Verses Out of the Bible

“The sons of Jacob who went to Egypt with him, each with his family, were…” Ex. 1:1

Main Themes

“When Moses had grown up, he went out to visit his people, the Hebrews, and he saw how they were forced to do hard labor. He even saw an Egyptian kill a Hebrew, one of Moses’ own people.” Ex. 2:11“Moses said to the people, “Remember this day- the day on which you left Egypt, the place where you were slaves. This is the day the Lord brought you out by his great power. No leavened bread is to be eaten.” Ex. 13:3“The Lord made the Egyptians respect the Israelites. Indeed, the officials and all the people considered Moses to be a very great man.” Ex. 11:3

ReasoningI chose this story from the book of Exodus because it is one of the most important events in Israel’s history. The story tells how God had saved the Israelites from being held slaves in Egypt. I really like how the story shows the leadership of a human being (Moses). It also reminds me that, no matter what you’re going through, God will be there to support you and create miracles. To me this story was a miracle taking place, and it is nice to read about something good. Even though the Bible is not a historical textbook, I am now more knowledgeable about the events that occurred in the time of Moses.

40 ChaptersHistoryThe Time of Moses

The Red Sea dividing

Jewish slaves in Egypt



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