27 Amendments

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27 Amendments

Being American

The Bill of Rights, which includes the first ten Amendments, This the most important amendment. This amendment gives us the right to have a weapon to defend around selves, freedom speak out against something, the right to form a committee or to gather around, we can write freely even in press, say something isn't right and have everyone's opinion be heard about it, and lastly we have all rights to worship any God.

The 11th Amendment is the inability to create a law to keep someone citizen under accusations, such as adding new laws that could help stop that person from succeeding another state.

The 12th Amendment is our elective powers. Allowing us to choose the president and Vice president.

The 13th Amendment. Ending all Slavery of anykind within the united states.

The 14th Amendment gives all people born within the unitedstates there rights. All American leaders must be Natural born to the country

The 15th Amendment is our ablitity to vote.

The 16th Amendment is the ability for the state or congress to give or recieve Taxes on income.

The 17th Amendment says that a person who holds different interest mush be accounted from each state in order to elect Senators and officials.

The 18th Amendment which is the prohibitaion of liquor, was repealed by the 21th amendment.

The 19th Amendment:This gave women the right to vote and to citzenship.

The 20th Amendment: Even if your still president and someother person has been elected you will try to do what ever you can to change the laws with what power you have.

21st Amendment The repeal of the 19th Amendment. If your 18 you can drink, but be careful.

22nd Amendment a president can only serve for so many terms before being booted from office.

23rd Amendment The equal amount of each side (Presidental and Representives) consider the follow states to be looked over.

The 24th Amendment the states and citzen's must pay a toll tax.

25th Amendment When the President is incapible the Vice president will step in to help.

The 26th Amendment You must be 18 years old to vote

The 27th amendment: You can't change your pay until your turns up bro!



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