25 Word Stories: Mr. Linden's Library

by MrHodgson
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Language Arts

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25 Word Stories: Mr. Linden's Library

She got sucked in tothe book -- too much.-- Andrew C.

Isabel was at the library. Sheheard a voice that said, "Pickme! The book of your dreams."She opened it and fell asleepforever. -- Becca

A wave of tirednessswept over her. She fellasleep. When she woke,vines filled her room. Thena vine reached for her.She screamed. -- Henry

Lilly visited the dusty old library. She found the book with the title "Deathly Garden." When she got the book, the title read "Lilly's Death." -- Cassidy

As the weeds tangled around her every limb, she was in limbobetween life and death; dreamand reality; forever young; foreverold; forever alone. -- Issac

Her eyes struggled to remain open. She drifted into a dream in which the book was alive and dragging her in. -- Mr. Hodgson

25 Word Stories(inspired by The Mysteries of Harris Burdick collection.

The book pulled her intothe page. She screamedso loud but nobody heardher as she plummetedinto eternal life in the book.-- Kai

She opened the book, ignoringwhat Mr. Linden said. It can'thurt me. She fell instantly asleep.The book had taken its latest victim. -- Caroline

The weeds slowlywriggled around herfrozen, limp body. Slowly but surely, it encased her in a chrysalis of death. -- Nick



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