21st Century Students

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21st Century Students

21st Century Classroom

Great Web 2.0 Applications for Classroom TeachersAnimotohttp://www.animoto.comClassChatterhttp://www.classchatter.comGlogsterhttp://www.glogster.com Vokihttp://www.voki.comMixbookhttp://www.mixbook.comPhotoStory3Free download from MicrosoftWikispaceshttp://www.wikispaces.com Wordlehttp://www.wordle.netLearn How: Techie Tuesday Wikihttp://www.techietuesday.wikispaces.comMore Web 2.0 ApplicationsLA Digital Immigrantshttp://www.ladigitalimmigrants.wikispaces.com

Engaged Students

Eight Reasons to Glog1. It allows student to create an online poster2. It is free3. It is web-based4. it uses no ink5. It allows students to add images, video files, sound files, hyperinks, and text 6. it easily incorporates student research and educational content7. It addresses multiple learning styles8. It can be accessed from any location with an Internet connection

Louisiana Digital Immigrants Wikihttp://www.ladigitalimmigrants.wikispaces.com

Techie Tuesday Wikihttp://www.techietuesday.wikispaces.com



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