21st century skills

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21st century skills

21st Century Teaching Skills

Students and teachers are changing what the future looks like in the classroom by ushering the 4 c's into learning in the 21st Century.

Imagine how greater the learning inviroment would be by having students teaching each other while working together on ideas and projects. The 21st Century classrooms are being broken down into small groups allowing students to Collaborate on ideas, projects, assignments and much more allowing their minds to expand and take charge of thier own classroom experiences.

Classrooms today should be encouraging our students to think outside the box and use their God given creative minds in their learning inviroments. Too many students are sitting in the back of the classroom or being silent when they have so much to offer. In the new 21 Century classroom, the student is encouraged to reach into his/her creative mind and find new ways to learn and process information along with sharing that information with others. Creativity in the classroom is allowing students in the 21st century to choose how they learn.

My classroom will be energized with Critical Thinking. Encourging students to work through problems and defining a solution with goals can be used all through life. Classrooms today need to broaden the minds of students by teaching them how to tap into their minds, teaching them how to think outside the box. Finding new ideas for solutions, class subjects and new ideas for learning. My class setting will be flexible to assure the student is comfortable in the learning inviroment to assure the maximum Critical Thinking can take place.


Communicating thoughts and ideas in the classroom is an important element to 21st Century learning. As students are encouraged to think on their own and share their thoughts, they must be able to communicate those ideas with others. There are many ways to communicate in todays classroom. Computers, ipads, internet, cell phones and more. The 21st Century Classroom is designed for students to communicate with eachother, working in small groups, working together towards a common goal.


The 21st Century Classroom looks quite different than the traditional classroom as can see below. Students in small groups learning from each other, moving at their own learning pace while using 21st century technology. New ideas on how to better learn and keep the attention of the students without leaving half the class behind. Collaborating with each other in small groups and/or other students around the world can only brighten ones skills to learn. In todays classes, teachers are using games and other innovative teaching strategies to capture the inner student in all. Students are becoming more involved the way they learn, being creative while working at the pace that is good for the individual. Our new technology classrooms are allowing students to broaden the way they learn and recieve information. PBL is another way students are being challenged to learn taking them out of the norm. Also, the flipped classrooms are allowing teacher to step away from the "chalk-board' and become coaches, realigning the classroom into a high tech learning inviroment.


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