21st Century Learning

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21st Century Learning

What is a 21st learner? And why should I care as an elementary teacher?

Watch this video first to get a glimpse on where our students our heading. Are we preparing them for the future?

Click on the flower to learn more about what a 21st century education should look like. We can do it. We should be up for the challenge.

"A lot of teachers make a PowerPoint and they think they're so awesome," said a girl in Florida. "But it's just like writing on the blackboard." A student in Albany, New York, pleaded the case for using technology in the classroom: "If it's the way we want to learn, and the way we can learn, you should let us do it."borrowed from http://www.edutopia.org/ikid-digital-learner-technology-2008This is a quote taken from an article. Are your students saying this same thing?

A great article about the 21st- Century Digital Learner. Educate and prepare yourself so we can truly open doors for our students.

Lydia Hayes



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