21st Century Learners

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Language Arts

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21st Century Learners

The best way to predict your future is to create it.- Abraham Lincoln

Learn best in different mediums:Examples: - Audio Visual media(T.V. & Videos)- Music- Novels( fiction & non-fiction), short stories, poems, newspapers, comics, cartoons, etc.- Art( Concrete and abstract)They work best in opportunities that explore how to use different resources to communicate their knowledge.

- Active learning environment to test their knoweldge.- Hands on learning -Self-empowered learning experience- Engage in multitasking and interact in a vast network of knowledge.

Characteristics of Century Learners

21st Century Learners

Different format types

- Students need to become better educated about the ups & downs of the continually changing world.- Technology & media are essential to the foundation of the changing world, as well as the skills needed to function in the form.

Why adapt to 21st century Education.

Student Centered Education- Problem based learning helps students/teachers to find ownership over their own experiences.- Technology becomes integrated into entire learning event.- Helps learners to self-monitor their learning.(Self-efficacy)

Rethinking learning: The 21st Century Learner

Nathaniel Bott:Ted Talk


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