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21st Century Leaner

21st Century Learners

In the classroom today students need to experience many parts to their education. Students need to learn skills that will help them throughout their life. Students need to learn skills such as critical thinking and communication. Students also need to learn skill that will help them throughout life, such as being able to cite quotations. Lastly, students need to learn content from the text. Each of these aspects will help student become a well rounded student.

The ideal classroom has both the students and teachers collaborating and using technology. Both students and teachers need to communicate in order to have learning occur for the teacher and students. Students need to use technology in the classroom because technology is a part of the students' life. Also because students will need to be able to use technology in their jobs.

Students today are different than students of the past. Today students have a wider view point. According to Understand 21st Century Learners, "Many [students] come into school speaking more than one language" (23). As a teacher I need to be prepared to teach students who speak more than one language, and may struggle with the English language. Students also do not want to be talked to at all day. Students want to be up and interacting with the material. Students need the learning to come alive.

As a teacher there is only so much prep that can be done for technology. As of right now, I feel I am as ready as I ever will be to use technology in the classroom. Technology is always changing, and must constantly be leaned. While using technology in the classroom is necessary, teachers should not rely only on technology. There is always a chance that techology will crash, so a back up plan is a must. Teachers must always be learning new technnology, in order to better prepare the students for outside the classroom.

Needs of Learners

Personal Preparedness

Classroom design

Ideal 21st Century Classroom


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