21st Century Classrooms & Web 2.0

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21st Century Classrooms & Web 2.0

21st Century Classrooms & Web 2.0

PreziPrezi is an internet based presentation application. The strength of this application is the ability to graphically arrange a large amount of content or a big idea with its supporting information. Creates very dynamic presentations.

GlogsterGlogster EDU is a tool to create online multimedia "posters" that can incorporate all types of elements into a visual space: links, images, text, videos, music, and more.

Go! AnimateUse Go Animate to create interesting and memorable cartoon type presentations. Students will have fun unleashing their imagination and delivering a message through creative animation.

VoiceThreadVoicethread allows you to upload images (from your digital camera, scanner, or even paint program). You can also upoad PowerPoint slides. Then students can record or write their own comments and/or narration about the images/slides.

Timetoast TimelinesCreate timelines and share them on the web. Click "embed/share" to copy a direct link that can be shared with others or an embed code that can be used in a blog, wiki, or other site.

JingDownload the free Jing software in either Windows or Mac versions. Jing allows you to screen capture whatever is on your computer screen, share it to Screencast.com, and then send the URL link to anyone so they can watch a sequence of things you do on your computer.

Google DocsWith Google Docs, users can create, edit, reformat, upload, and share documents they've created in WORD or other office applications. They can also look at their editing history. Perhaps the best feature is the ability to collaborate on documents and spreadsheets with anyone or with a selected group. Groups share editing capabilities, making collaboration much easier. Users can publish newly created, uploaded, downloaded, or revised documents and spreadsheets as well as making links to them on personal blogs.

X-Timeline:Xtimeline allows you to view, create, share, and discuss interactive timelines. Share your timelines by URL or by embedding in your class blog, wiki, or web page!



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  • sunrise651 10 years ago

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    Great resources.
    Some of them I have used with kids.I will try the others! Thanks for sharing!

    This one is very good too : http://en.linoit.com/