21st Century Classroom

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21st Century Classroom

The Ideal 21st Century Classroom

The ideal 21st century classroom creates lessons that make the kids think and use their creative minds to learn a concept. 70% of todays 4-6 year olds have used a computer. 200,000 text messages and emails have been read and sent by digital learners. If this is what todays children are doing then why haven't we started adapting to their ways that is going to help them thrive. I do not agree with using texting and such to do school work and quizzes because I do think sometimes technology is taken too far from actually using the childs brain. But incorporating digital learning in moderation is what needs to be done in the classroom.


Technology is the way of the world today. The younger generation is being into a digital world that is progressing every single day. Technology is how kids are learning and if we want them to grow with the world they live in we teach them the way the world wants; digitally.As teachers in todays society we need to establish an environment that helps students be engaged, self motivated, and interested in wanting to learn. There are many different types of learners that are going to be in the classroom and teachers are going to have to accommdate for all. Whether people want it or not technology is becoming the way of life and is whats going to help children grow and learn in the classroom. I do believe that there is a balance that needs to be put in place with digital learning but I do agree with the studies that this generation will learn better and be able to use a more creative process if you allow them to implement technology in their education.

21st Century Learners

These things will help get the students engaged and they will also be interested in wanting to learn. Activities online will be fun for the students and allow them to use their creative abilities.


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