21st Century Class (Carmichael)

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21st Century Class (Carmichael)

A classroom implementing 21st Century allows students to be in charge of thier own inquiry by utilizing the teachers knowledge of the students characteristics and promoting analysis that involves social interaction. This engagement is caused by problem based learning, student and teacher accountability and integrated technology. This classroom should prepare students for real world situations and interactions.

21st Century ClassroomBy: Hannah Carmichael


1. Content Knowledge Students grasp theatrical knowledge to create, perform and respond. 2. Learning and Innovation Skills Students will critically think, collaborate, create, and communicate with scripts and projects to prepare them for similar skills in the future. 3. Information, Media and Technology Skills Students can be fully functi0nal with technology because of the 21st Century Classroom. 4. Life and Career Skills Students will adapt, self direct, and hold responsibilities by classroom models and theatrical content that allows student to create real like scenarios.

In my classroom I will address 21st learners by creating content that allows students to produce plays that deal with real situations as well as foster their self direction.

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