21st Amendment

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21st Amendment

This is the 21st amendment in the United States Constitution.

21st Amendment

Twenty-first amendment was ratified on December5, 1933.The 21st amendmentin the United States Constitution repealed the Eighteenth Amendment which had said naitional Prohibition on alcohol on January 17, 1920. It is different and unique from the other 27Amendments of the U.S. Constitution for being the only one to repeal a previous amendment. The 21st amendment was needed because people were disobeying the law and making alcohol.

21st Amendment Ends Prohibition

On December 6, 1932, Senator John Blaine from Wisconsin proposed an amendment to Congress saying the submission to the states of the Twenty-First Amendment, which would repeal the Eighteenth.

The opposition for this amendment was the 18th amendment.The 21st Amendment was passed to disable the 18th Amendment. The 18th Amendment prohibited the sale and drinking of alcohol in 1919. Passing the 21st Amendment allowed the sale and usage of alcohol consumption.

December 5th is celebrated as 21st amendment day. It took 364 days to ratify the 21st amendment.

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