21 Missions of California

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21 Missions of California

21 Missions of California

From 1769 to approx. 1835

July 16, 1769

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First mission established by Father Junipero. Spanish government gave the mission 1,000 dollars for what it needs. Only half of the 219 men who went to San Diego surivived the journey. The mission has been built four different times in 1774, 1775, 1780, 1803. In 1803 an earthquake struck the mission and it was destroyed.

December 4, 1786

Mission Santa Barbara

July 25, 1797

Mission San Miguel Arcangel

September8, 1797

July 4, 1823

Mission San Fernando Rey

Mission San Fransisco Solano

Map of 21 Missions

Mission San Diego de Alcalá

Father Fermin Lasuen assissted in building the gorgeous Mission Santa Barbara. Mission Santa Barbara is the only mission that has two matching bell towers. In 1835, Mission Santa Barbara was secularized and the mission's land was divided up among the communty. Later on it became a Franciscan priest training school.

Mission San Miguel Arcangel was built by Father Pedro Cambon. The padres who helped maket this mission put two fountains in the mission, one for the workers and one was for the visitors. Close by the workers area the padres put in a beautiful pepper tree which is now called "Mother of the Pepper Trees" because it was the first pepper tree ever planted.

Mission San Fernando was founded by Fran Lausen, and named after King Fernando (King of Spain). Famous for it's excellent wine, Mission San Fernando produced 2,000 gallons of wine a year. Mission San Fernando's end was a horrible time. They ran out of money to support the mission and later on an earthquake destroyed the entire church.

Mission San Fransisco Solano was founded by Fray Altimira in 1823. Mission San Fransisco is the last of the 21 Missions of California. There was no bell tower so one bell hung from a wooden frame in the front of the church. Fray Altimiria was an evil man and would beat the natives when they disobeyed. The natives destroyed the mission and forced out Fray. He was replaced by Father Fortuni who rebuild the mission. An earthquake later damaged the mission but state funding provided the rebuilding from 1911-1913


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