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1. Start with Why - what do you want students to get out of this?2. Communicate - with students, parents, community, administration3. Put your spin on 20% time

20% Time in the Classroom

What is 20% Time?A form of Project-Based Learning where: - Students are encouraged to explore their own passions - Students' passions are given value by being given classtime - Teachers help guide students through a learning process that students choose - Learning occurs within the lens of students' interests, rather than teachers' interest or political requirements - Learning is project and process-focused, rather than designed around an assessment

20% Time and Service-Based Learning- Service-based learning incorporates many of the same elements as PBL- The work of Catherine Berger Kaye incorporates authentic research into SBL- Students can use their 20% time to help others and benefit the community- SBL provides an authentic audience for 20% projects

Get Off to a Great Start

Much information on PBL in this presentation came from 20 Tips for putting Google’s 20 Percent Time in Your Classroom Click on the images for links to other resourcesLearn more about Service Learning at CBK Associates

ResourcesLearn more about 20% Time

20% projects are for all ages (and integrate with other school initiatives)

Encourage students to be independent learners by:1) Encouragingentreprenural thinking2) Creating atangible product3) Allowing themto pitch theirideas and give feedback onothers4) Inspire themwith great examples-5) Connect withprofessional collaborators

Dedicate one day a week for students to work on their projects

Start with Why: Passion breeds creativity, innovation and success!



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