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20lynessp - The Tequila Worm

The actions of the gym teacher and Brooke help Sofia overcome racism because the gym teacher traded her awful sandwich for one of Sofia's tacos. She said, "These look good, better than any stupid sanwich I've ever had." (Canales, 38) She kept saying 'mmmmm...' and made all the kids feel bad. It helped Sofia feel better because since the gym teacher liked it, everyone else should too, because the gym tyeacher is respected. Later on in the story, Brooke says to Sofia about the note that Terry wrote, "I'm really sorry, Sofia! It was Terry's idea of a cool prank, one she thought would make her popular. But it was just as dumb as she is. Don't take it personally. She's just mean, mean, mean." (Canales, 146) This shows that Brooke wants to stand up for Sofia and she is not racist, while Terry is.

The Tequila Worm Summative Assessment

Sofia's feelings about her neighborhood change over the course of the story. They change because at first, Sofia was saying, "I wish we lived on the other side of town.' I said, looking out the window at the darkness. 'Why mi'ja?' Papa said. 'Because they live in nice houses, and they're warm." (Canales, 35) This shows that Sofia didn't really care/want to be in her neighborhood. By the end of the story, Sofia said, "As for our old house, I had it torn down too, but there I created a little space, with orange trees on each corner and plantings of roses, hibiscus, beautiful red and purple bougainvillea, and in Papa's memory, Mexican jasmine. There were wooden benches, too, and even a small wooden gazebo at the very center that I painted bright pink. I built a tall white picket fence all around it and bolted the gate shut. I made keys to the plaza and gave a key to each of the old families still living there." (Canales, 196-197) This shows that Sofia cares about her neighborhood now.

Lessons that Sofia learn that help her embrace her culture are important for her. Some that she learned are: Leave the tamales in the freezer alone. "Mama, can we have the tamales for dinner?' 'Don't even think of it Sofia. Those are for me to eat ont the Day of the Dead. And don't you think you can just go over to Davila's and buy me a dozen there.' 'Are you eating them when you go to leave flowers at the cemetery?' 'No, I'm eating them in the cemetery, but when I'm dead." (Canales, 162) This shows that Sofia won't touch them, and it teaches her a lesson about her culture because they leave food for the dead to eat on their way to heaven. Another lesson Sofia learned is to take being the Christmas madrina seriously. "The next morning I Berta. 'Comadre, I need your help. The doll is falling apart. Do you think we can go find a tiny dress at Johnson's...' Mama walked in. 'Sofia, hang up. I need to talk to you-now!' Berta said, 'Oh, Sofia, you're in trouble.' 'Yes, Mama.' 'Sit down.' Oh no! 'I heard you talking to Berta. This is no joke, being the Christmas madrina. If you can't take this seriously, tell your abulita right now. You are representing the whole family, Sofia." (Canales, 178-179) This shows that Sofia was caught doing the wrong thing, but she understands that it's serious, and it's part of her culture, so she needs to take it seriously, considering that she's representing her whole family.

Pinto beans

The Tequila Worm trailer by Viola Canales


Easter cascarones with confetti inside

More Easter cascarones but with glitter inside

A tequila worm inside a mescal bottle

Link: https://youtu.be/7KvUpDnSC3U


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