[2019] Nathaniel Steere: Buy Earth Today

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[2019] Nathaniel Steere: Buy Earth Today

This planet is in the Goldilocks zone so you won't have to worry about bad temperatures. Also we aren't near any asteroid belts if you are worried about that. If you are wondering about the temperature it will vary across the globe, though the average temperature of earth is 15 degrees Celsius. This is a good temperature for most creatures. Earth has an atmosphere that consists mostly of nitrogen and oxygen. So if your an alien that breathes any of those gases than your good. If your wondering about water it comes in three different forms here on earth. Solid, liquid, and gas. Earth has one moon called the moon.

Earth the Blue Planet

If you are thinking about moving to Venus here are a couple reasons why earth is better. One the temperatures are a lot nicer. On Venus temperatures can get up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit which is too hot to support any life. Venus's surface is mainly made out of volcanoes and mountains while earth's surface is 3/4 water and 1/4 land. Earth is also bigger so it has more places to see. On Venus there aren't any forms of water while on earth we have all forms.

Earth facts

Why Earth is Superior to Venus



Aren't sure about where to move to. Try earth! There is tons to see. Learn about our unique species here on earth. See our fantastic landscapes and have a great time



The moon

Earth has one moon called the moon. It is a dusty moon. It is in a tidal lock orbiting the earth. It is the beautiful light that shines in the black night sky. We have landed six successful missions to the moon.



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