[2018] Balram Aulakh: Biography Timeline

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[2018] Balram Aulakh: Biography Timeline

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was an actor, and director. He was the main character in several movies. He also was a comedian. He was born in April 16 1889. As a kid he only had his brother because his dad left him and his mom went to an asylum. When he was 13 he was on stage for the first time thanks to his brother who had been on stage already. When he was 19 he got a film contract. In 1914 he acted and filmed his first movie. In 1915 he moved to the S and A company and after a few films he was a superstar to the world. When he was 26 he became one of the highest paid people in the world. In 1921 he released The Kid which was a movie of him trying to find the kid's mother and ends up raising him until he finds the child's mother. In the 20's he won a special Academy Award for a movie called The Circus. The Great Dictator was his last film and he got 5 awards to this movie. In 1952 his Visa was revote and he went into exile. They did this because the movie Great Dictator was released in the 40's and we had not declared war yet and to the government thought he was a war monger. He returned in 1972 to receive a Honorary Oscar. In 1975 he met up with Queen Elizabeth. On December 25 1977 died of a heart attack in his sleep.

Charlie Chaplin was a great actor and director that everyone loved his films so this is in memory of Charlie Chaplin



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