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[2017] Matthew Hoppe: Matthew's Website

Biomedical Engineering

By Matthew E. Hoppe

The working conditions for biomedical engineering are always safe. Biomedical engineers typically work full time on a normal schedule, although 1 in 5 may work more then 40 hours a week in order to meet deadlines. Biomedical engineers work indoors. Some places they work are in offices, labs, and hospitals. The median salary of a biomedical engineer is 85,620 USD. The lowest 10 percent earned less then 51,050 USD, while the highest 10 percent earned more then 134,620 USD. Biomedical engneers are hired by the medical equipment manufacturing and suppies companies, hospitals, goverments, and scientific research companies. Two major employers are Aptus Endosystems and Atricure.

People in biomedical engineering have the goal of creating technologies to help, treat and cure medical issues. Examples of products they create are artificial limbs, vaccines, and hearing aids. They are responsible for produciung equipment that can help, treat, or cure someone suffering from a medical condition. The requirements for becoming a biomedical engineer are a bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering, or bioengineering credentials from an accredited program. People with backgrounds in engineering and medicine may also qualify.

Why are you so intrested in bioengineering and its potential? I have always seen diseases, and various other medical issues as one of humanity's greatest weaknesses. If we could eliminate all disease or prevent it from spreading the world would be a much better place. Various medical issues can ruin people's lives, it would be nice to live in a future where these issues are nonexistent.What impact do you think bioengineering will have on your future? What are projects these engineers will likely be working on in the future? What can they offer that could satisfy some of your future needs/wants? I think bioengineering will significantly increase my lifespan, and allow me to live a better and healthier life. These engineers will most likely be working on immortality and human augmentation in the future. They will invent many things such as vaccines for fatal diseases, to virtual reality implants. These technologies will satisfy some of my future needs and wants.

Biomedical Engineering



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