2017 Hd A Dog's Purpose download

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2017 Hd A Dog's Purpose download

2017 Hd A Dog's Purpose download

Usually, I find the expression "dog life" in everyday life only in a negative color. It means, if we take an analogy with the film, an episode when the dog was kept on a chain. But after watching the tape there was an opinion that in dogs, life is different, especially if you evaluate it from the point of view of the dog's soul.

File informationFull Name: A Dog's Purpose 720 hdSize: 3.5 GBRuntime: 101 minQuality: DualAudio AC3, 2 ch, 512 Кбит/сLanguage: English

One of the most anticipated films of the beginning of the year was suddenly not some powerful action film, a blockbuster, or even Fast and Furious 8. Most of all, I was waiting for a quiet family film Dog Life. And now I'll tell you, I justified the film's hopes, or as always killed ...To be honest, after seeing the trailer for the first time to the Doggy Life even six months ago - wildly began to expect a premiere, and even sat down to read the book on which the film was shot. Frankly, through strength, I tried three times to continue reading .. But ... Bruce Cameron's novel in my opinion is very difficult to read. Or too long harnessed. Too detailed described every day of the life of the puppy, and before the start of the story with the boy, I could not stand it. And calmly waited for the film, realizing that the book did not master.And so, going to the movies. There are a lot of parents with children in the hall. Finding a movie at the box office has a whole story, some networks did not put it in the schedule at all, others either selected the show only in vip-halls, or gave morning-afternoon sessions mostly, and then no more than 2 per day. To say that it is wildly insulting is not to say anything. Well, it was found a movie theater with an evening show in the VIP-hall, a walk so walk.So, Doggy Life is an incredibly sentimental drama, clearly family-like, with light elements of comedy. The film is simply unrealistically kind, soft, positive, fluffy, classy, ​​instructive, touching. Watching Doggy Life does not sob - it's impossible. The film is shot straight as it should be in all the canons of the genre, but, unlike some Hachiko, where everything ends sadly and utterly hopeless, he read that many people do not want to go to the Dog for this very reason, so this film is incredible positive. Yes, to cry and wail here is where and over what. But the sad moment of the creators immediately, instantly, will be abundantly overwritten by a frank positive, joy and happiness. Although the joy and tenderness to sneak here, too, the chance will fall more than once. This is a real bright good sadness. And the abundance of touching moments is such that by the end of the viewing you, an adult uncle (or aunt) feel just a small child, believing in miracles and something bright-good, into an indispensable happy end from any life situation and into miracles. And when the film has a final storyline, you'll be like a child with a dog to repeat these phrases. Believing that now there will be a small miracle. Again. This is an inexpressible wonderful feeling.The film excellently selected and trained dogs, especially the very first, Bailey-Bailey-Bailey, the narrative from which the whole film and the fate with whose character is described in great detail, in detail and clearly tell the entire first half of the film. You just fall in love with this dog and you want to have the same one yourself.Total. Yes, a film with a fairly linear and anticipated plot. It is partly removed and for children, for young children to observe everything that happens will be very interesting. Actors are bright, the dogs are very cheerful and active. And there are no sharp plot twists. But the film turned out to be incredibly kind, positive, funny and at the same time deep enough, though not abstruse and boring. There is where to cry, but it will be a light sadness, and each time it will be covered by a huge portion of positive. At the end of the session, the viewer feels a feeling of incredible lightness, goodness and justice. And this is the coolest thing. It is a pity that such simple, but important films are almost never filmed today. And when they get into the rental - to look for them in the cinema halls, it is necessary in the daytime with fire. But it's worth it. If you do not support such a movie with a ruble, then I do not know which.10 of 10