[2017] Hannah Bachorik (Fifth Grade 2016-2017, Fifth Grade 2017-2018): Harriet Ann Jacobs

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[2017] Hannah Bachorik (Fifth Grade 2016-2017, Fifth Grade 2017-2018): Harriet Ann Jacobs

Harriet Ann Jacobs

Role In Abolitionists Movement\ What Made Jacobs Famous * Jacobs worked in anti slavery office, met Frederick Douglass and other abolitionists and was a speaker and a reformer for the abolitionists movement* Jacobs wrote a book called, ''Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl'' which was about everything that happened and events that happened in her slave time* Jacobs also nursed black troops back to health and was a teacher* When Jacobs escaped her owner went looking for years for her and even put a reward for $100 dollars for whoever found her but no one found her

Interesting Factsmkjh* Jacobs had her kids with a white man but they never got married, I predict this was because I think Harriet's owner didn't want Harriet to get married because Harriets owner wanted to marry her* Jacobs mother died at age six and Jacobs was given to her moms owner who taught her to read and write, untill 11 years old Jacobs was happy then her owner died and was given to her three year old niecse and then sold to Dr. Norcom her owner from there on out

Family Life * born on Feburary 11, 1813 in Edenton, North Carolina escaped 1835 died March 17, 1892 or 1897 [not positive] in Washington D.C* Deliah or Daniel Horniblow [dad] Eligah Knox [mom] unsure about birth and death date*Louisa Matilda [daughter] born October 19, 1833 died 1917* Joseph [son] unsure about birth and death date

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Samuel Sawyer

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